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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long does an average dent repair take?
A: Most dent and ding removals are completed within 30 minutes to one hour. Most hail damage can be repaired within 48 to 72 hours.
Q: Is it the tools or the technician that make PDR successful?
A: It is both, specially designed tools allow a technician to gain access to the dent which is a large part of the process, but the proficiency of the technician accounts for much of the success. It takes an average of two years of intensive training before a “PDR” trainee can repair a lightly hail damaged vehicle and 3-5 years before he can repair a severly hail damaged vehicle masterfully.
Q: Can plastic bumpers be repaired with paintless dent repair?
A: Most companies will turn this type of repair down, but Dent Medics is well versed in plastic dent repair.  There are inherent limitations when removing dents from plastic bumpers compared to dents in metal panels.  Feel free to call us and a technician will explain what can be expected with this type of repair. 
Q: What severity of damage can be repaired?
A: Master technicians can repair up to softball sized hail damage effectively, however, the amount of those dents determines cost effectiveness between repair and replacement of panels. Vehicles with hundreds of dime to quarter sized dents can be repaired by PDR at or below the typical bodyshop type repair costs without compromising the original factory finish.


Q: What advantages does paintless dent repair (PDR) have over traditional body repair methods ?
A: The number one reason our customers choose PDR over conventional body repair is that it retains the vehicle's original paint finish, maintaining the value of the automobile. Other advantages of PDR include the faster repair time (typically 1-2 days for hail repair, 1-2 hours for minor door dings), affordability, and convenient.
Q: What are the disadvantages to this type of dent removal?
A: The main disadvantage is the occasional access hole that has to be placed in a doorjamb or other area to gain access to a dent. Unfortunately, some PDR companies, in order to decrease repair times and increase profits, have abused this approach or they simply do not have the necessary skills or experience to access areas other ways.
Q: Can all panels of a vehicle be accessed and dent repaired?
A: With vehicular models modified yearly, this question cannot be answered with a simple “yes” . However, as a rule, only one out of every 500 dents cannot be removed using the PDR technique.
Q: Will paintless dent removal damage the paint?
A: A skilled technician can effectively remove door dings and hail damage without affecting the original factory finish. Problems occur when an inexperienced technician attempts to remove a dent that is too large or too sharp.  Paint that is not the original factory paint is commonly less durable than the original paint, and increases the risk of paint damage on large or sharp dents even with an experienced technician. One more reason "PDR" is preferred as it keeps the original durable finish intact. 
Q: Will the dents come back?
A: NO. Dent Medics issues a written lifetime warranty on each vehicle that we perform repairs on and have never encountered reappearing dents.
Q: What if a car gets hail damage again after it has been repaired with PDR? Can it be fixed again?
A: YES. Current damage, once repaired, will not prevent future damage from being repairable.
Q: Can moldings and cowlings be repaired with PDR?
A: This technique has been tried on moldings with less than adequate results . If damaged, moldings should be replaced. 
Q: I still have a loan against my vehicle and my bank is listed as the "loss payee". How do I get the financial institution that holds the loan to endorse the insurance payment check?
A: Dent Medics can take care of that for you. Once we collect your insurance policy information we can make the appropriate contacts for you.
Q: Do I need to have an insurance adjuster inspect my vehicle's hail damage before I schedule the repair? 
A: Dent Medics can provide you with a repair estimate and submit it directly to your insurance provider for you. It is just one way that we work harder to make your life after hail easier.


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